Wizard Typing

Wizzard Typing is another defense game. This time dangerous meteors are falling from the sky. The meteors don’t have assigned words but letters. You are a wizard able to hit the meteors and to destroy them. You have to press the letters in order to stop the meteors from destroying your precious gems.

During the game you can apply a good tactic. When lots of meteors are falling you can focus on a specific area, only on top of the undestroyed gems. You can protect only those and leave the rest of the meteors to fall.

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26 Responses to Wizard Typing

  1. kendall reynolds says:

    this game should get an F-.

  2. kelli says:

    lame it should get an fffff—-……

  3. sarah robinson says:

    typing isint fun

  4. francisco abdulla says:


  5. alicia soliz says:

    i love this game

  6. samia says:

    this game is the stupidis game i have ever heard of so this is a weird game now if you guys want to play with this stupid game go ahead cause i’m done with all of you who can sit on your computer and play this weird teaching game don’t comment on my facebook, or my twitter so whatever losers who ever made this game should be in jail cause i’m going to put them there with my police report.

  7. Anoymanis says:

    Cool, should get a A-, sound effects are kind off redicoulous. #swag

  8. Madiline says:


  9. yo says:

    this game is kinda terrible

  10. Sandra Hall says:

    This game really sucks I don’t even know why they even made this nasty ugly game it do deserves a FFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!

  11. Caleb says:

    this is bummy as hell

  12. eduardo says:

    ok man

  13. Get a life with this game turd says:


  14. Trisha says:

    this game sux!

  15. BB says:

    I like this game. It’s cool, challenging,fun, makes u think fast. It took my mind off things & made me think about where the letters are at… Great job!!!

  16. mine101 says:


  17. el chapo says:

    this game should get an A

  18. Dylan says:

    This game we are playing at school and its the same thing over and over again


  19. Harli Polk says:

    I love this game sorry you other losers

  20. Harli Polk says:

    everybody that hate this game is just a sore loser

  21. Harli Polk says:

    I love this game a lot and when I say I love this game I mean I love this game a lot even the sound effects and people who dont even like the game are just plain stupid I like the game and I also love it just like the very very very and a million more of the word very smart a lot are really smart and I mean it and I bet there a lot of people who like it and I also bet there are a lot people who and those people are very stupid and when I say very stupid I mean very stupid wait I mean very very very stupid but those are only the people who do not at least like this game witch I love and there you have it everybody these are the very last words of this reply thank you thank you the end

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