Trash Typer

In Trash Types you have to keep the waters clean and to remove all the trash which people throws in the ocean. You have submarine and you have to type as fast as you can the words assigned to each trash bubble and to be careful with the spelling because you have to type again the bad spellings.

The bubbles are coming from the above and for each correct word you type some bubbles are collected by your submarine increasing the score. Some bubbles might get you bonuses and power ups, like Speeding down all the bubbles or Bombing all of them or gaining extra lives. For each bubble which reach the bottom, the sea gets more polluted and you lose one life. When you lose all your lives the game is over.



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14 Responses to Trash Typer

  1. sanjay kumar says:

    Nice game

  2. Skydoesminecraft says:

    This is awesome I almost beat the game. 😮

  3. vicky says:

    I really like this game; once you learn how to play it. It really helps with spelling and typing.

  4. 21kidorbooted says:


  5. pouspo says:

    vrey nice games

  6. fvnfdj says:

    bad game

  7. Rebecca Mickells says:

    i dont like this game at all

  8. Cajun says:

    Just typing to have fun 🙂

  9. Sherri Paasch says:

    I hope this improves my typing technique

  10. aslamkhan says:

    hello i want this game

  11. Ana Praženková says:


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