Sunrise Typer

Sunrise typer is a more unusual typing game. It’s not a defense game, words and letters falling from the sky, they are not attacking you and you don’t have to shoot at them. The game is more simple that you would expect. You have to write phrases on the screen as fast as possible. The best part is the fact that the phrases are moving as you type the letters. Once to type something wrong you lose points.

The graphics are nice for such a simple game. On fact that might be annoying is the fact that a difference is made between the small and large cases while that difference not so observable. The same things happens with the Space Key. Space is not always observable and that might be annoying.

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47 Responses to Sunrise Typer

  1. Beth says:

    I liked this sort of game. I’d like it to give me my typing speed as well as or instead of a score, and I’d like to customize it a bit as where my ” on my keyboard is obviously different that the developer’s.

    • Ben says:

      I have to agree with you Beth. I really feel like this is a good game. Also, it should tell you your speed. We are really on point with our opinions!

  2. West says:

    The game itself is fun, but as Beth (Up top) says, I would rather have a typing speed, than a score.

  3. Kookie says:

    I wish it was not so pushy. It kinda stresses me a little.

  4. billy says:

    this is agy

  5. Kasen says:

    I almost beat the game 😀 🙂 :/ 😛

  6. Kasen says:

    I almost beat the game 😀 🙂 xD

  7. Brian Koontz says:

    I like it! Sure Beth’s complaint about the game not giving typing speed is valid. That would be nice but it is free. I have several free typing icons on my screen saver ‘cuz that’s what I am doing these days. They are easy to find. At least I’m not spending large, or even small, sums of money to learn typing.

  8. nevaeh victoria williams says:

    i dont care wat ya got to say because yall ugly anyways and plus y do they have this game anyways it sucks crap like me

  9. sam says:

    I love this game it shouldn’t be typing speed

  10. sam says:

    nevermind i hate this game

  11. Mike says:

    I agree with both of you. Typing is all about words per minute, not a unclear score!

  12. verenise says:

    yeah well its a pretty good game i guess

  13. isabel says:

    i have to agree with u guys i wish it had speed than time. i liked it a little.

  14. isabel says:

    beth and west

  15. Jade says:

    it was not working for me

  16. Mitch Pham says:

    I dont want games, just the speed typing

  17. savana says:

    this game was boring i did no like it

  18. Aleena says:

    I had a lot of fun with this game and got the highscore ^~^

  19. sanjai says:

    it is too pushy

  20. jalisajohnson says:

    These games are fun they help you out

  21. jalisajohnson says:

    these games are fun they help u out

  22. jack says:

    I like the game it develops your typewriting speed but yea i’d like too no my typing speed too!

  23. Emsie says:

    it was cool

  24. brooke says:

    this game is really helping and right now im in middle school and my technology teacher has been teaching us how to type fast and to look at the screen more than looking at the keyboard so whoever made this game i give you 2 thumbs up

  25. brooke says:

    and i just wanted to tell all those people in the world who lost their loved ones in the 9/11 that i am sry for your lost and they are all in my hearts. Even though i wasnt born yet when that happened but, i have seen the videos and the pictures and when i say that i am sry for your loss i mean it

  26. Savannah says:

    I enjoy the game, but it causes me stress, i feel like screaming.

  27. Deez nuts says:

    U guys r dumb. this game is 4 kidz. not 4 old ppl. Ok? so ill c u l8r.

  28. marleta says:

    wish it would give u one more chance when u accidently push the wrong button and the if you get it wrong the second time then that is when they give you the error and also maybe not repeat it self all over again and when the story is done give anonother one so u can get to now more other stories

  29. K says:

    Really like the game it’s excellent practice for picking up your speed one bad thing about it that I don’t like is when (I Know I have made an error) there is No correcting it. One thing good about other games you can go back and correct your error you know you’ve made.
    I like all of it the percentage, errors it’s great but I agree with everyone else just add WPM with everything else as part of the scoring system.

  30. zenobia says:

    it was kinda hard at first but then i got the hang of it,then my computer froze.

  31. Charity says:

    This is a good way to teach young people the skill of typing!!! You should find a way to keep the game challenging. That way each individual will improve on self confidence and making and reaching short goals. Just a suggestion.

  32. Random commenter says:

    I got frustrated with the fact that I wouldn’t work out how to type “. It didn’t recognize shift+2 or shift+’, sooo… yeah.

  33. Random commenter says:

    I got frustrated with the fact that I wouldn’t work out how to type “. It didn’t recognize shift+2 or shift+’, sooo… yeah.

  34. Jersey says:

    this is very fun game

  35. fluttershy says:

    nothing happened

  36. fluttershy says:

    nothing happened at all

  37. Samuel says:

    Its ok when you get used of it.

  38. Harli Polk says:

    I love it

  39. Harli Polk says:


  40. Harli Polk says:

    my score was 84 when I stopped

  41. Sang says:

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