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Space Words Defense

Space Words Defense

Space Words Defense is not just another typing game. Unlike other games it has nice graphics and a few elements to make the game play less predictable and linear. The game has 6 planets you can choose from of increasing difficulty. Once the game starts you get introduces in the story of through a dialog with a superior who announce you that your planet is invaded by aliens. You have to use your guns to top them.

In order to stop the alien ships you have to type the words displayed by each ship. That ship will be targeted by your guns. Some ships has more lives so once you shoot them once they will display another word to shoot at. A nice thing is the fact that each wave of incoming alien ships has a different trajectory, which makes the game less boring. Each level ends with an incoming boss ship which has many lives so you have to shoot it many times.

During the play you also have a limited number of Super Attacks which hits all the ship on the screen(keys 1-4) and Slow Mode attacks which delays all the ships on the screen (keys 5-9).