Desert Typing

Play our latest desert themed typing game, typing words and letters as fast as you can to advance level by level. Waves of dark large word clouds and individual letter clouds are advancing through the screen of your computer. For the first make sure to use the keyboard to type in the correct way and only after that to be speed and race yourself to get a good score.

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33 Responses to Desert Typing

  1. ANTHONY says:


  2. TruMU says:

    this is a cool game!
    realy cool
    I am not kidding!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ecaa says:

    big on

    are 6gooooood

  4. Margaret Thomson says:

    I love it! How good did I do though?

  5. Elijah Parker says:

    Dude. this game is no poop and hot dog.

  6. guy says:

    This looks a little childish but it adapts to your skill level so it helps me a twenty year old improve his typing skils from thirty five wps to a much higher typing speed so thanx

  7. Johne32 says:

    I’m searching for websites that may have excellent tips about what’s popular and what the most effective makeup products is.. ceebdedgfaff

  8. Johng877 says:

    As a Newbie, I am continuously searching online for articles that can aid me. Thank you gdaddafedece

  9. Reagan says:

    love this game

  10. Timothy says:

    Ever notice that when you

  11. BILLY!@#&#846(*569 says:


  12. TEYKUHAULUA says:

    ok lets do dis

  13. KUMARASAMY says:

    Very useful game.

  14. Kayla Bratton says:

    I think that this app was a great help. I knew how to type and then I forget how to type correct. Since I downloaded this I can now type the correct way again. I’m so glad because I will be starting college again. Now I don’t have to worry about not being able to keep up when my teacher is talking and I’m taking notes. Thank you so very much for supplying this free app to help people learn to type or for others to relearn how to type. This is a great app and it has changed my life again thank you.

  15. atisha says:

    I like very

  16. Shawna Morrison says:

    Love this typing game, helps me alot with my typing speed, thank you.

  17. Te Aumihi says:

    what good english games but still doesent make me good at english
    it helps with typing cause im from a maori coulture

  18. HAO NGUYEN VAN says:


  19. faith says:


  20. faith says:


  21. JoeAnn Hawkins says:

    My son’s name keep popping up, and I can’t understand why
    can you please help me with this problem

  22. JoeAnn Hawkins says:

    I’m so confuse right now, my son name keep popping up when it’s my account i’m setting up

  23. Johnf598 says:

    Very informative post.Really thank you! Awesome. cdekegkfceff

  24. johnny says:

    bautiful play

  25. BECKY RICE says:

    Great game for beginners

  26. amy robertson says:

    want to learn

  27. Mia Cameron-Ortiz says:

    its the besssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssstttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt in the world and its LEARNING even though i like it though

  28. Harli Polk says:

    I love this game yes I am serious

  29. Harli Polk says:

    I love this game so to all of you other people who do not like this game at least think that this game is okay do not know what they are missing out on so I am so sorry but I do not think that those people are cool any at all yes I am sorry yes I mean it please do not be mad at me very very please do not be mad at me I am so very very sorry but I surely surely so very surely that I love this game

  30. Ever says:

    Anyone can learn typing by themselves but without proper guidance he might develop a bad habit such as typing using the wrong finger instead of the supposedly assigned finger to a key. Having the correct tutorials is the proper way to learn typing in a safe way. You can learn to efficiently and as fast as you like to be.

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