Beach Typing

We just released our latest typing game, Beach Typing to remember us of the summer that is gone away.

Type as fast as possible the words pushed on the screen to remove the words. Don’t let the objects to fall off the screen.

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27 Responses to Beach Typing

  1. nevaeh says:

    i dont care about ur guys game anyways its sucks booty

  2. nevaeh says:

    i dont care about ur guys game anyways its sucks booty

  3. stupidabram says:


  4. stupidabram says:


  5. tiffany says:

    yall breath stank

  6. Jonte Greenlaw says:

    i hate key boarding

  7. isabel says:

    you are supost to be typing insted of say hi to a stanger that you dont know.!!!!!!!!!


  8. vicki says:

    it was hard to make out the words that were being throwing up in the air.

  9. emi i gabi says:

    igri jfmvjc v nnghtodnrfbnkcbfhjckncn

  10. Alysia says:

    HiLo!! this game is fun!

  11. Saige says:

    This game is sorta fun.

  12. Get a life, kid. says:

    You suck ^_^

  13. Get a life, kid. says:

    You suck ^_^

  14. Liz Young says:

    Enjoy the typing practice under pressure.

  15. smile says:

    i really like ur game it really helped me perform well in school

  16. MiracleSprinkles says:

    I got to score 1467 at level 7 only. Not saying I didn’t go farther than level 7.

  17. brayden says:


  18. Nevada West says:

    This game is awesome i love it and it gives u exciment when u play because you dont know when a word is coming.

  19. Is game is blocked for me so right now I dont like it I dont know who made it but it kepps on blocking me but the cool thing is i dont care about it and I dont care about my typing either i really dont care about abything and some of these people don’t like this game so I want u to remake it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!


  20. sonia says:

    very good activity for grade 7 and grade 8 learners..
    i find it exciting while playing this game..

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